Verify the PGP signature of my posts

Verify the PGP signature of my posts

This personal website is created with Jekyll, a static site generator. In the end all the pages are just static html files, which gives me the opportunity to sign them with my PGP key. Thanks to Kormoc this is really easy, Kormoc wrote a Jekyll plugin to automatically sign all the blog posts. Use the following instructions to verify the PGP signature of a blog post:

Firstly get hold of my public key:

curl | gpg --import

And then verify the post:

curl | gpg --verify

You should see something like:

gpg: Signature made Sun Mar 22 12:43:50 2017 CET using RSA key ID 773B76BF
gpg: Good signature from "Wouter Janson <>" [ultimate]

If for some reason you come about a post with a bad signature, please contact me.

Howdy! You can check if this post is really written by me, by verifying the PGP signature. Click here to read more.

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