Mount your STACK drive (WebDAV) on linux

Mount your STACK drive (WebDAV) on linux

STACK is a cloud service where you get 1TB of free storage, stored in the Netherlands and with 256-bit AES encryption. Yesterday I needed an easy way to get access to my STACK files on my linux server. So, I figured it would be an quick solution to just mount it. This is the method I used.

First of all install the davfs2 package.

sudo apt-get install davfs2

Next create an directory which we can use as a mounting point.

mkdir ~/webmount

Finnally mount your STACK drive, or anny other WebDAV drive.

sudo mount.davfs ~/webmount -o rw,uid=username

Rember to replace stack-username with your username and username with your linux user, to allow that user to have user-level access to the files. The -o rw part is used to set the webdav as re-writable.

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