YouTubeRSS Userscript: RSS Buttons for channels and playlists

YouTubeRSS Userscript: RSS Buttons for channels and playlists

I have a confession to make. I’m addicted to YouTube, so much that it replaced ordinary cable tv for me. But YouTube has two major issues in my eyes!

Firstly YouTube is owned by Google. Everybody that knows me just a little bit, knows that I try to stay as far away from any Google service as possible. There just isn’t a good alternative for YouTube that is just as popular, so I’m stuck with Google for this one.

Secondly, it’s well known that YouTube can’t get their subscription service right. Every now and then there arises a problem with subscriptions, people not seeing new videos in their feed or they just get un-subbed from channels for no reason.

There is a solution to at least one of these issues I have with YouTube. Namely, the usage of RSS feeds to maintain your YouTube subscriptions, only Google pretty much hides the links for those feeds. Using these RSS feeds will make it more difficult for Google to track what I’m watching. Because I won’t be using their subscriptions system and I always browse the internet over a VPN.

The next URL will give you the RSS feed of a channel or playlist:

Don’t forget to replace xxx with the channel ID or playlist ID respectively.

But manually creating the RSS Feed URLs isn’t much fun and I constantly forget what the URL is supposed to look like. So I’ve made my life a bit easier, I’ve written a userscript that adds RSS Feed buttons to channel and playlist pages. It’s called YouTubeRSS, I know not much of an inspiring name, and can be used with any userscript manager such as TamperMonkey.

You can find YouTubeRSS on GitHub. To install YouTubeRSS directly make sure you’ve got an userscript manager running and click here.