Why I bought more than 300 old audio cassettes...

Why I bought more than 300 old audio cassettes...

This might sound crazy but I just bought more than 300 audio cassettes. But Why?! It all has to do with one of my biggest hobbies. Besides playing games, I also collect them.

But what have old audio cassettes to do with game collecting? Well, nothing really… Okay, that’s only partially true. It has everything to do with the cases from those cassettes.

I mainly collect original Xbox and Xbox 360 games. These games come in DVD cases so they are well protected and easily presentable. Gameboy games, on the other hand, came in cardboard boxes, which got damaged over time or just simply tossed in the trash bin.

I have a couple of Gameboy games, mainly Gameboy Advance, but I don’t have a good what to display them. Luckily a Reddit user u/NCatfish has found an ingenious solution. Audiocassette cases can hold a Gameboy Advance game cartridge. So print a pretty label, and voila! You’ve got a custom Gameboy game case you can display on a shelf.

Photo from u/NCatfish Pokémon Yellow in a cassette case. Photo by: u/NCatfish

There are only two downsides.

I don’t mind the first issue because I have no game manual. The second problem is easily fixed by removing one of the pegs in the case.

So if you’ve got a bunch of loose Gameboy games lying around, buy some old audio cassettes. Although, maybe don’t buy so many of them. I’ve bought these for less than nothing. The only problem is I don’t own 300 Gameboy games. Yet…