SNES Classic Mini: 5 Games I've added

SNES Classic Mini: 5 Games I've added

The SNES Classic Mini just arrived in our hands, if you were lucky enough to manage to place a pre-order. Those 21 included games are awesome, but sometimes we want something different.

Luckily for us, ClusterM recently release a new version of Hakchi2, with support for the SNES Mini. Hakchi2 allows us to upload new ROMs to the system and with some adjustments even ROMs for other systems such as the Gameboy line and some Sega consoles.

It turned out that this version of Hakchi2 was surprisingly stable even though the SNES Classic just released, this is because the internals of the SNES Classic are almost exactly the same as the NES Classic from last year. So because Hakchi2 looked very stable, I thought I gave it a shot and added some new games!

This list is not a top 5 list, so it is in no particular order. These are just the 5 games I immediately added to the system.

The Lost Vikings

The Lost Vikings The Lost Vikings: prologue The Lost Vikings is a puzzle platformer developed by Silicon & Synapse, who are now known as Blizzard Entertainment! In the game you play as three different Vikings, they all have things they can and can’t do so you will have to work with all three characters to get to the end of a stage.

The three Vikings are kidnapped by Tomator, the emperor of the alien Croutonian empire. He wants the Vikings for a new exhibition in his inter-galactic zoo. Wait, now I know where they got the idea for the second episode of The Orville!

I remember playing The Lost Vikings on my old MS-DOS computer back in the day and I was never able to finish the game. So I’m going to give it another shot and hopefully, I’ll now be able to finish it.

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon Harvest Moon: First morning on the ranch When I saw that Stardew Valley was included in the Humble Monthly of November last year, I knew I had to buy the bundle. Unfortunately, the game has been sitting idle in my steam game library for all this time. I don’t really found the time to play it and to be honest I rather play a game on my big screen tv sitting on my couch with a cold beer.

Many people have compared Stardew Valley to Harvest Moon, mostly because the developer was inspired by Harvest Moon. I figured I could play Harvest Moon on my SNES Mini until I’ve bought a Nintendo Switch.

Harvest Moon is a game where you work on a farm and do mundane farm things, it sounds really boring almost like work. But Natsume managed to make it an incredibly fun and rewarding experience.

Out of This World

Out of This World Out of This World: Where am I? Out of This World is a game I’ve seen mentioned a lot, but I’ve never really looked up information about the game or played it. The only thing I know is that it looks stunning, even today.

Out of this World tells the story of an unfortunate physicist named Lester who gets accidentally teleported to an alien world. The story is accompanied by stunning rotoscoped live-action animation to make it an almost cinematic experience.

If you really like this game you should check out Flashback: The Quest for Identity. An in many ways similar game, so similar in fact people thought Flashback was a sequel to Out of This World.

Earthworm Jim

Earthworm Jim Earthworm Jim: Whiplash It’s no secret that I love the work of Doug TenNapel, The Neverhood is my favourite PC game of all time. Although Doug is best known for designing Earthworm Jim, I don’t have many memories of it. I have played it from time to time, but I have never sat down to finish it.

Earthworm Jim is a platformer with run and gun elements, where you play as the titular character an earthworm in a spacesuit. It’s your job to manoeuvre Jim through the levels while avoiding obstacles and fighting enemies. Jim has a gun to shoot enemies, but you could also use his head as a whip for whipping your enemies.

Oww and the main villain is called Slug-for-a-Butt, you can’t make this stuff up.

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger Chrono Trigger: It isn’t a real RPG if you don’t start by waking up! To be completely honest, I don’t know much about Chrono Trigger. But seeing it’s at the top of almost every top SNES games of all time, I figured it’s worth giving a shot. I hope that I won’t be disappointed because I don’t really like RPG’s so it has to be a really good one to please me.

Chrono Trigger is developed by Square and is considered their best RPG game. It contains 13 different endings and is quite lengthy, in my eyes a pretty good accomplishment for a game on a 16-bit console. For many people, this game withstood the test of time like no other.

Finally, a little advice, don’t buy a SNES Mini from one of those scalpers on eBay/Marktplaats just be patience. Those scumbags charge you way too much, just so they can make a little money.

Besides Nintendo announced they will produce significantly more SNES Mini’s compared to last year’s NES Mini.